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Who are you guys and what is all this?

Why hello there and nice to meet you! Our little story is bigger than the allocated word count - find out more about us!

Oh shucks... thanks! It may sound cliched but it's true - we're awesome because of you! Without like-minded consumers pushing for environmental and ethical change, there wouldn't be a demand for Australian-made products. So thank YOU for being the reason WE are (all) awe-inspired and awe-some xx

Oh, we don't talk about Bruno... (But if we were going to, it's probably the Little Big team singing ABBA or the Spice Girls while we work. Second business dream - FAMILY BAND!)

What ISN'T Montessori, ammirite!?

Montessori is an approach to education developed over 100 years ago by Italian paediatrician Maria Montessori. It challenged the status quo back in the day and continues to challenge mainstream education today. Curious for more? No wockas because we've written a blog. And another blog. And then 8 More Blogs. Get learning at your own rabbit-hole risk.

Our Learning Towers and Pikler Triangles are 100% designed and made in Australia (Bibra Lake, Western Australia to be exact). Manufacturing in Australia does work out more expensive for both us, and you, but it is very important to us that we not only support the Australian economy but we know how and and where our products are made.

It also helps keep the carbon footprint of our products as low as possible as we don't need to ship our products into Australia from an overseas manufacturer. 

We also wholesale a carefully selected line of wooden toys. Each individual product has their own information on where they are (ethically) made. 

Two reasons. Firstly - there are 100's of finishing choices available for wooden furniture, from natural oils and paints to varnishes and beeswax. We can't offer all of these options nor can we predict what is best for your family and home. Selling our products RAW allows you to make the choice based on your preferences. 

Secondly, because our products are made right here in Australia, labour costs are pretty high - finishing our products would result in approx. 20 - 30% extra manufacturing costs, which we'd need to pass onto you, making our products less affordable.

We recommend sealing your products with a high quality furniture oil or an eco-varnish. If you'remore of a DIY-er, you can even make your own with one part wax to two parts coconut oil! If your tower is likely to get wet or your Pikler Triangle will be used outside, we recommend sealing with something like Polyclear - our fav eco-varnish for ease of application, quick dry, quality stamina and overall look.

Learning Towers are safe when used under adult supervision and the Little Big user is a competent stander. You can read the full safety instructions here.

No-one knows your Little Big person like you do. If your small human is a climber, then you might find that they similarly try to climb in/out of the tower when you aren't prepared. 

Having said this, we have found that the urge to climb is often just to see what YOU are doing! As the Learning Towers provide a safe platform to observe the world at your height, we have been told by happy buyers that serial-climbers are calmer once in the Tower and can see exactly what's going on at the kitchen bench.

Regardless, we insist on arms-length supervision at all times when the Tower is in use.

All Towers come with removable chalkboard which doubles as a backing once the Little Big user is safely on the platform and Towers are only to be used against a kitchen or bathroom bench to ensure 4-sided safety. 

A Pikler Triangle is a climbing frame specially designed by paediatrician Emmi Pikler. Unlike park playgrounds, Pikler Triangles promote self-paced motor development for Little Big and Little, Little Big people, age appropriate from 6 months to 5 years for climbing. For the full spiel on Pikler Triangles, see our article, "What is a Pikler Triangle?".

To save on shipping costs, our products are sent to you unassembled. All you need is a standard size allen key. We promise it's very easy.

Have you gathered yet that we love the Earth?

We asked a bunch of our customers and it was unanimous that most of you have a spare standard, 4mm-sized allen key lying around at home. We can thank our Swedish friends for that, we're sure. 

In the interest of waste not, want not, we have therefore opted against standard inclusion of allen keys. Don't stress though, if you don't have an allen key in every drawer of your house already, let us know and we'll add one to your order free of charge. 

LBL products are made using FSC certified European premium birch plywood.

Birch is a naturally fast growing tree. This means harvesting is less destructive to the environment and it is easier to replenish plantations.

Our White Learning Tower is the only product made of MDF however LBL have been conscious to use only 100% Australian-made eco-friendly, medium-density fibre board. Aussie MDF is very different in quality and in its environmental impact compared to overseas equivalents.

Shipping & Returns

We deliver Australia-wide and all over this big, beautiful space rock! If a shipping option doesn't come up for your area though, don't panic right away. Couriers base shipment on weight and because the Little Big furniture range is made of premium quality eco-ply, the website panics with some of the heavier, juicier orders! Fret not, just get in touch with us for a custom shipping quote if you're unsure!

Sobering not-so-fun fact - more than 10% of global CO2 emissions come from transport and logistics. You guessed it, that means online shopping deliveries! We are very proud to offer 100% carbon neutral shipping, which means that the carbon emitted by the delivery of your product is offset by supporting climate change projects such as forest regeneration, alternate energy technologies - even beekeeping training! Isn't that great? What's even better, is our Planet Before Profit program, check it out!

All shipping costs are calculated at the check out based on where you live. Sometimes it's more expensive than we'd like. Shipping large and heavy boxes, well, just costs a lot. We absorb some of these shipping fees (especially when you live in one of those rural places like Burrumbuttockor Ozenkadnook) and are always on the look out for ways to make it cheaper for you. 

We all change our minds sometimes, no worries, mate! Get in touch with us and we're happy to help you sort it.

If it is a faulty product we will of course cover the return costs.

We get slugged a lot of fees with our payment providers so if it's a just a change of mind return we pass on the 5% payment & website fee.

Delivery is usually around 2-4 days to WA addresses and 6-9 days for anywhere else in Australia.

You might be get lucky and get your order even faster but then sometimes it takes a bit longer especially when there is crazy stuff going on in the world.