Little Big Learning first found its roots in 2015 when a baby human came in to the world.

Little in size but with the presence (and vocal chords) of someone so much bigger. As this little person grew, so too did the seed, the need, for a local, Australian company that thought of Little people as the Big people they actually are.

A company that puts the earth before profits and is not afraid to challenge the status quo. 

Little Big Learning was born to fill the gap in the children's product market, with our Australian made range and ethically sourced products that bring nature and simplicity back to childhood.




Once upon a time... There were two Mamas and a little baby who didn’t like to sleep anywhere other than in their arms. The baby loved it’s Mamas so much that it would wake them between 5 - 10 times a night just to cry out and tell them so! 

Those two Mama’s were very tired (flash to the present - they still are), but also very happy. They bought and made special things for that little baby, perhaps thinking that if they had the perfect little nursery and the right toys, the baby might sleep a little better.

Spolier, it didn’t.

Time went by and soon the baby was babbling and standing and crawling. The baby also learnt that there was a whole other world beyond what they could see from their 70cm height.

The kitchen bench was one of those places. That baby didn’t like missing out on what was going on up there and was sure to let their Mamas know.

A clever friend of the Mama’s told them they should get something called a “Learning Tower” which will allow the baby to safely stand at bench height and maybe they’d be able to get dinner made again without the baby requesting - very loudly - to be picked up...

Like all good reserach-prone Mamas, they headed to Google and found that indeed it looks like these Learning Tower things could be the answer.

However, one of the Mamas was quite particular (that is the nice way of saying fussy) with furniture and all the Learning Towers they could find online were, well… not quite what she wanted. 

Luckily, the fussy Mama was also a very handy Mama so she decided to design one herself… next minute… their tiny apartment in Perth, WA was filled with panels and screws and pieces and Learning Tower sawdust.


Little Big Learning was born...

Our Australian-made Learning Towers, Pikler Triangle Climbing Frames and children's sized Furniture has now been welcomed into over 30,000 homes, education and paediatric therapy centres around Australia.

Our range has now expanded to include other high quality, purposeful children’s products made by partners that meet our strict quality & ethical manufacturing guidlines.

"Bringing nature and simplicity back to childhood"