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Pikler Triangle Climbing Frames

image of a pikler triangle climbing frame and a child climbing



Pikler Triangle Climbing Frames - the antidote to back flips on the couch and jumping monkeys on the bed on rainy ( / iso) days. Little Big Learning’s wooden climbing frames can be flipped, tipped and free-stand to suit any imaginary play and are made right here in Australia from high quality and sustainably sourced, eco-friendly material. 

Little Big's Climbing Frames come with a two year manufacturing warranty and 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Our Pikler Triangle Climbing Frames can be used from as early as 6 months old for sitting and pull to stand practice. Then with a little imagination, can convert to a spaceship, submarine, airplane... the list goes on for kids, adults and anyone up to 70kg!
Besides just being plain fun, health professionals around the world speak of the benefits of Pikler Triangles for gross motor and child development.
So, whether it’s our original FOLDABLE PIKLER TRIANGLE, the smaller footprint HYBRID PIKLER TRIANGLE or a convertible PIKLER ARCH ROCKER we have an Australian Made Climbing Frame to suit every sized home and every little explorer.

That’s enough from us though, check out the Climbing Frames for yourself!

Are you decking out an Early Learning Centre, Toy Library, Childcare or School? Get in touch with us for custom pricing.

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