Slimline Learning Tower - Classic White


Used in 15,000+ Aussie Homes

Sleek and Modern Slim Design

Crafted Right Here in Australia

Unique Height Adjustable Step 

Removable Chalkboard Included 

Steps Weight Tested Up To 60kg

Free Fast Shipping in Australia


$199 $239 



We think you're going to love your learning tower. But if you aren't completely satisfied with anything, you can return or exchange it within 60 days of purchase.

"We absolutely love our learning tower! It's made it so much easier and safer to include our toddler in cooking. Makes cleaning teeth a breeze. It's so well made and we love that it doubles as a chalk board. Highly recommended!"


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August 25, 2023

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The Little Big Slimline Learning Tower has been thoughtfully designed for those with smaller kitchens or apartment living. Its sleek footprint allows it to be stored away when not in use, although you'll probably find your Little Big person will want to be in it every day! With that in mind, its contemporary design will be in place any modern kitchen. 

Each Tower features a removable chalkboard safety backing for added entertainment and peace of mind. 

Designed for children aged 10 months to 6 years, our Towers offer long-lasting adaptability and value. With options for single or double configurations, and a convenient Conversion Kit, we've got your family's needs covered.

Australian-Made Quality Design
Designed and crafted in Australia, our Learning Towers stand out for their unique height-adjustable design - 50cm and 38cm from the ground. 
This feature allows parents to utilise the Learning Tower from approximately 10 months to 6 years old, providing long-lasting value and adaptability as children grow and develop.

$199 $239

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dimensions of your learning tower?

2. Where do you make your line of products?


Our Learning Towers and Pikler Triangles are 100% designed and made in Australia. Manufacturing in Australia does work out more expensive for both us, and you, but it is very important to us that we not only support the Australian economy but we know how and and where our products are made.

It also helps keep the carbon footprint of our products as low as possible as we don't need to ship our products into Australia from an overseas manufacturer. 

We also wholesale a carefully selected line of wooden toys. Each individual product has their own information on where they are (ethically) made. 

3. Are Learning Towers Safe?


Learning Towers are safe when used under adult supervision and the Little Big user is a competent stander. You can read the full safety instructions here.

No-one knows your Little Big person like you do. If your small human is a climber, then you might find that they similarly try to climb in/out of the tower when you aren't prepared. 

Having said this, we have found that the urge to climb is often just to see what YOU are doing! As the Learning Towers provide a safe platform to observe the world at your height, we have been told by happy buyers that serial-climbers are calmer once in the Tower and can see exactly what's going on at the kitchen bench.

Regardless, we insist on arms-length supervision at all times when the Tower is in use.

All Towers come with removable chalkboard which doubles as a backing once the Little Big user is safely on the platform and Towers are only to be used against a kitchen or bathroom bench to ensure 4-sided safety.

4. What wood do you use?


LBL products are made using FSC certified European premium birch plywood.

Birch is a naturally fast growing tree. This means harvesting is less destructive to the environment and it is easier to replenish plantations.

Our White Learning Tower is the only product made of MDF however LBL have been conscious to use only 100% Australian-made eco-friendly, medium-density fibre board. Aussie MDF is very different in quality and in its environmental impact compared to overseas equivalents.

5. Where do you ship to?


We deliver Australia-wide and all over this big, beautiful space rock! If a shipping option doesn't come up for your area though, don't panic right away. Couriers base shipment on weight and because the Little Big furniture range is made of premium quality eco-ply, the website panics with some of the heavier, juicier orders! Fret not, just get in touch with us for a custom shipping quote if you're unsure!

6. How long does it take?


Delivery is usually around 2-4 days to QLD addresses and 6-9 days for anywhere else in Australia.

You might be get lucky and get your order even faster but then sometimes it takes a bit longer especially when there is crazy stuff going on in the world.

7. Do your Learning Towers come assembled?


Our products are sent to you unassembled. All you need is a standard size allen key(provided). We promise it's very easy.

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