I Am Human: A Book of Empathy by Susan Verde

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I Am Human: A Book of Empathy

"I am Human.

But being human means I am not perfect.

I make mistakes."

Susan Verde's "I am:" range is a collection we had to include in the Little Big Library, "I Am Human" being no exception.

Being human means we feel, we act and that we will, inevitably, make some decisions we are proud of and some that are mistakes. 

We are powerful and we have the capacity to alter the course of these actions - we do what we know until we know better, and then we can DO better! We can do better for ourselves and we can do better for others, acting with empathy and compassion, leading first with kindness.

We love Susan Verde's uncanny ability to re-write the inner-meanie voice we all have, the Inner Saboteur as Mother would say, that tells us we are not good enough. Her affirmation style language replaces these phrases with what our Little Bigs deserve to hear - that they are Human. That they are special. That they are enough exactly as they are, and that they we are born to love and treat others the same.

"I am Human" fundamentally guides us to celebrate and embrace our peers for what makes them different as the very source of what makes us all the same - that we are Human.


Book Highlights & Information

☆ Suitable for all ages, 6 months+ 

☆ Beautiful hardback cover

☆ 22 pages of gender-neutral, stunning illustrations and affirmation-style language

☆ Includes guided meditation and affirmations by yoga-trained author

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Here's what was said about I Am Human: A Book of Empathy by Susan Verde...

Name: Fin

Age: 3 years old

Story Rating:

Picture Rating:

Fin: "Mummy made mistake this day, La. She dropped dinner.
Overall: 0/5 (all points deducted because of lack of garbage trucks; NB: not indicative of attention-span during 30 minute story-time)

Susan Verde lives in New York City where she trained as a teacher before funnelling her passions into yoga-training. This is absolutely reflected in her writing style, with affirmation style text spoken in first person, a subtle and very clever way to plant a healthy voice of calm in our Little Bigs as they internalise the emotive concepts. Many of Susan's books including the "I Am" collection are in collaboration with artist Peter H Reynolds. Our favourite thing about his style is the balance between colourful, eye catching illustrations and gender-neutral, physical inclusivity.

Fun fact: There are 27 different human emotions and almost 8 BILLION humans on Earth. Scientists support a theory called Emotional Contagion, whereby emotions really are contagious, and transfer from one human to the next! Do with that information what you will...

This children's book measures: 20.96 x 1.27 x 21.21

Number of pages: 32

Age recommendation: Suitable for ages 0 - 6