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Your wish is our command - it's finally here! The same Slimline Learning Tower that you know and love now made extra wide for up to two Little Big people. The perfect learning tower for twins or for growing families. 

If you already own a Little Big Slimline Learning Tower we also have these handy dandy Conversion Kits to turn your single learning tower into a double learning tower! No need to buy a whole new Learning Tower as your family grows. You are welcome!

Our Double Learning Towers feature an adjustable platform height, chalk recess on the step and removable chalkboard safety backing which is recommended for babes under 2 years old. 

Our birch toddler kitchen helper is made from beautiful European Birch Ply, which is sustainably sourced and is a FSC certified renewable resource. European Birch Ply is kinda like the Mercedes of plywood, it's high quality - show off - nice!

You can find out the benefits of Learning Towers for Little Big people here.


☆ Sleek and modern design

☆ 2 adjustable heights - 50cm and 38cm from the ground. Please adjust height based on the tallest Little Big in your family, hips should be below bench height.

☆ Removable chalk board safety backing (recommended for 2 years and under)

☆ Chalk recess (stops that cheeky chalk from rolling away)

☆ Australian designed AND made   

Height: 94 cm

Depth: 42 cm

Width: 60 cm