100 Things To Know About Space by Usborne Publishing

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A Book About 100 Things To Know About Space

Did you know that if you discover a comet it will be named after you? Or that the gas cloud 'Sagittarius B2' tastes like raspberries? That before an astronaut can go to space they have to learn wilderness survival skills

Get your space suit on, time for lift-off!

Space is an awe-inspiring phenomenon, as is our place in it.

Since the dawn of time, humans have looked upwards to the stars and placed varying degrees of meaning on what was seen and where we fit.

"100 Things To Know About Space" has beautiful illustrations to entertain younger Little Bigs and enough girthy information to satisfy intermediate readers - a great bedtime book for joint sibling story time as well as for budding cosmologists.

Book Highlights & Information  

☆ Suitable for years 6-8+

☆ Beautiful hardback cover

☆ 128 pages and 100 fun facts about the Universe

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Here's what was said about 100 Things To Know About Space by Usborne Publishing...

Name: Haize

Age: 6

Story Rating: 5/5

Picture Rating: 5/5

Haize: "If it takes 100 thousand years to fly to the next solar system Mummy, would I be like, 10 by then?"

Usborne Publishing is an independent publishing house and proudly a family run business. Authors of "100 Things To Know About Space" Alex Frith, Alice James and Jerome Martin are regular authors for Usborne and bring a wealth of knowledge, research and experience to every page.

Fun fact: It is widely accepted that the world's first author was Enheduanna, a priestess of ancient Mesopotamia, in approximately 2285-2250 BCE. GIRL POWER!

This children's book measures: 24.6 x 17.6 x 1.5

Number of pages: 128

Age recommendation: Suitable for years 6-8+