Learning Towers are a wonderful and safe way to connect your small humans to mealtimes, cooking, out of reach places and most importantly, connect with YOU.



But just like riding a bike, swimming in the pool or using a ladder, there are important safety guidelines to follow to avoid injury. 

It's really important to us (and we are sure to you too) that your Little Bigs stay safe whilst using their new Learning Tower. Learning Towers are an elevated platform and to avoid injury they need to be used safely.


Before you start having fun with your new Learning Tower, please read and follow the Learning Tower Safety Guidelines below:



  • Learning Towers are only to be used with close, adult supervision. As tempting as it may be to sit on the couch with a vino whilst your Little Big person discovers the joy of doing dishes, don’t. Instead, stand within arm's length at all times. 


  • Ensure sharp, hot or dangerous items are out of reach of the Little Big person when in their tower.


  • Little Big Learning Towers have steps for climbing onto but otherwise aren’t designed for climbing or swinging from. Take a look at our Pikler Triangles if you've got yourself a monkey.


  • The chalkboard safety backing is required for users under 3 year of age. 


  • An adult should supervise and hold the Learning Tower when the user is climbing in or out.


  • Learning Towers may tip if rocked or leant out of.


  • Learning Towers are sold raw. To protect the wood from the inevitable spillages to come, we recommend oiling, painting or varnishing your tower regularly in your choice of finish.


  • Learning Towers are meant for use on level surfaces only. Avoid using them on uneven surfaces such as carpet or grass.


  • As with all products, it is recommended that you check your Tower regularly (as often as every use) for structural stability.


  • Little Big Learning Towers come with a 2 year structural warranty. This does not include natural wear and tear or any damages caused by misuse or incorrect assembly.


  • Our Slimline Towers are designed for one user only and our Double Learning Towers are for two users only.


  • Once again, we emphasise close, arm's length supervision at all times. Little Big Learning Pty Ltd accepts no liability for injuries caused by unsafe or unsupervised use of our Learning Towers and by purchasing a Learning Tower from us, you agree to abide by these safety guidelines as well as common sense.


  • Most importantly, have fun!

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