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What is a Cube Chair? (Besides a really cute chair!)

Posted on February 14 2018

Yes, a cube chair is chair with equal sides. But they are also so much more than that. 

Cube chairs are Montessori-inspired pieces that, like all Little Big products, grow with their users. Although the dimensions of the chair are roughly cubic, the seat has been strategically designed to allow toddlers of all heights to sit.

Once Little Big users find they are too high for the table they are sitting against or their legs are too squished under them, the chair can be flipped upside down providing a lower or higher seat as needed.

Cube chairs can also be flipped on their ‘side’ for bigger Little Big babes to use as a stool or for smaller Little Big babes to use as a table.


Like all Montessori products, cube chairs have a greater purpose than the practicality they provide.

You might say, ‘What good is a seat for my Little Big runner or climber who never sits still?’

We would say, ‘Would you ever sit still on a seat that was metres too big for you (think couch), too high for you to feel safe (think kitchen bench or dining chair) or where you couldn’t see what everyone else in the house was doing (think floor)?’

By providing height and body appropriate furniture for our children we are giving them the opportunity to live as we do. For any non-Montessori-believers, we encourage you so deeply to trust that this is all they need. An opportunity.

But we're not here to preach! Here are some fun facts:

Where can we use it?

  • It’s a chair. It can go anywhere… It's also a bookshelf, a stool, a small table...

Who can use it?

  • Any strong sitter will be safe in the Cube Chair but like all Little Big products we encourage that parents do not place users in the seat before they are able to climb in themselves - they’ll get there when their Little Big bodies are ready
  • We roughly recommend chair use from 7-8 months onwards depending on sitting strength but do emphasise that for early sitters parental supervision should be used to ensure the chair does not slide or tip back when users attempt to mount or dismount :-)

What are some examples of use?

  • Mealtime! Don’t get us wrong, high chairs are a great cage… er, we mean seat. Though allowing your child the opportunity to eat as you do, at a table, in a seat, will quickly make mealtime a more respectful practice. 
  • Colouring, playdough, sensory activities, puzzles, reading - the possibilities are endless. Have fun!


Have a squiz at our Cube Chairs and other Montessori inspired pieces now.  




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