10 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Kids


We've wrapped our favourite eco-friendly gift ideas right into one neat little package below. Something for every budget and every little earth conscious elf.

Merry Christmas. 

PS. While you are here, check out our eco-Stocking Stuffer collection too! 




This Christmas present is just as much for the parents as it is for the kids. A Little Big Learning Tower (also known as a kitchen helper) is a safe and sound way to involve your toddler in the kitchen. Imagine cooking dinner without a mini-dictator demanding attention or emptying the pantry. It's amazing how much of a difference the perspective change can make, they really do just want to be involved.

It also is the perfect high chair alternative and has been recommended for 'fussy eaters' as a more open space for meal-times. With the chalkboard safety backing in place (yep, it's a chalkboard too) it can be used from as young as 10 months. This is one piece of kids furniture that you'll be using every single day. 

It's available in different colours to suit all kitchen-styles and is height adjustable to grow along with babe. It's also Australian-made out of eco-friendly materials. 

They start at $199 and you can check them out here.



Wooden puzzles are a relaxing and engaging way to develop patience, memory, fine motor and problem solving skills. What we love most about wooden puzzles is their versatility - on top of being used as puzzles of course you can use the pieces as play dough stamps, in small world play or just to pretty up a space.

Our range of wooden puzzles for kids are 100% designed and made in Australia from sustainable timber sources and ethically made by a small family business in New South Wales.

Starting from just $16 you can find them here




Your little one will lose their mind when they wake up and see a Little Big Pikler Triangle under the Christmas tree. Pikler Triangle wooden climbing frames are open-ended gross motor tools that are the perfect pressie if you have a little climbing monkey or even a monkey that needs a help to reach their climbing potential. Burning off physical energy inside the home doesn't have to involve jumping all over (and falling off) the couch. 

Little Big Pikler Triangles are made right here in Australia from the highest quality FSC certified sustainable materials and are designed to last generations. Suitable from 6 months, right through to 5-6 years, they've got an amazing lifetime value for money with endless creative opportunities. 

Starting at $320 they are the perfect Christmas pressie to get the grandparents to chip in for. Send them this link for a cheeky hint!

Take a look at the climbing frame collection here.



This beautiful vintage style digital wooden kids camera kit is sure to delight any budding photographer. The body has all the charm of yesteryear and the inside has the full HD 1080P resolution technology of today. It takes gorgeous photos and comes with multiple (easy change) lenses to challenge and inspire the photographers of tomorrow. 

Part of the gift experience is assembling - instructions and parts all included. Most photographers over the age of six should be able to put this together without assistance.


Two models available and starting at $240, check out both the classic and vintage style.



The perfect little creation station for your little babe. The Tecla Table's compact size will fit into the smallest of spaces and the low profile makes it suitable as a very first weaning table for the youngest of babes. Made right here in Australia from certified sustainable birchwood ply. 

Craft, drawing, eating and more - it can all be explored on the Tecla Table. Mix and match with our Mylk Stools and Cube Chairs to create a custom configuration suited to you.

The handy shelf with lift up lid is perfect for storing paper, pencils, dinnerware and treasure.  The ‘ink pot’ holder is handy reminder of where to place your glass or pencil cup and the pencil recess can be used for pencils - of course - or to prop up learning materials. It also just looks cute (very important).

Available in both Single and Double depending on your space and family. Check out the Tecla Tables here!




The sweetest little eco-friendly stocking stuffer for your earth loving babe. Growing and nurturing herbs from seed to table can be such a beautiful and mindful learning experience for kids of all ages. Watch your little gardener delight in the moment they spot the first sprout to the satisfaction of adding something they have grown to the family dinner.

Taking care of plants is a beautiful introduction to the responsibility and joy of caring for other living things.

The best bit - they are only $2.99 - check them out here. 





Natural, home-made, non-toxic play-dough. We all want to be that parent, right? 

Well some of us just aren't and now couldn't be a better time to embrace the wonder of outsourcing because we've found the best natural play-dough there is and made you some cute AF stamps to go with it.

The play dough is hand-made in Australia with 100% natural ingredients, think two fruit, five veg and a whole lot more herbs and botanicals, this range comes in four beautiful scents and colours. The playdough stamps are also handmade in Australia by a beautiful Mama wood worker in the Adelaide hills. 

Playdough is just $7 and wooden stamps $4.99 each. 



Little Big Learning's 100% plant based Eco Crayons are ethically made right here in Australia using all natural ingredients. And when we say natural, we really mean it. Each colour pigment is derived from plants, seeds and flowers and is free from all the nasties that can be found in traditional crayon products. We don't really want to taint this lovely gift guide with all that nastiness but let's just say *cough* asbestos, lead and boiled animal fat - ew! 

Each pack of our non toxic crayons contains six colours - black, blue, green, red, orange and yellow. A rainbow of plant derived colours for little artists to explore. Packed up in a biodegradable cardboard box ready to gift your little eco-babe (and all their friends!)

Find eco crayons here!




Give your babes the gift of music this Christmas - it'll be sweetness to your ears when they start a family band and compose sweet little love songs to you! Ok, ok - it might get a little bit annoying but there's only one way to get good and that's by practicing!

Starting from just $12 - We've got wooden tambourines, shakers, and chime bars for your little budding muso's.




One of the most underestimated gifts we can give our children is that of emotional resilience. It's easy to focus on the areas of development that we can physically see in our children, like fine motor skills or reading or sports. But what if we placed as much importance on their emotional skills? 

Our Emotion Discs are a beautiful learning resource designed to do just that. Illustrated by Australian illustrator Hannah Johnson and aim to foster emotional learning in 1 - 5 year olds. 

Use these discs in every day play, story telling, imaginative creations and more. Use them in calm down spaces, in classrooms or early learning centres, and of course, at home. Use them to communicate by pointing in pre/non-verbal children. 

Made in Australia from FSC certified European birch ply. The set is beautifully presented in a printed drawstring jute bag that can be used for storage and play.

Find them here!



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