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Dr. Kyla, Paediatric Dietitian

Slimline Learning Tower

The Little Big Learning Tower, is a versatile and height-adjustable kitchen helper. From cooking and prepping to engaging in conversation, drawing, painting, and even assisting with kitchen clean-ups, ensuring your child's safety, engagement, and lifelong love for learning.

Safety and Entertainment Feature

Every Learning Tower from Little Big Learning includes a removable chalkboard safety backing. This feature not only keeps little artists safe but also provides a unique source of entertainment.


Australian-Made Quality Design

Designed and crafted in Australia, our Learning Towers stand out for their unique height-adjustable design. This feature allows parents to utilise the Learning Tower from approximately 10 months to 5 years old, providing long-lasting value and adaptability as children grow and develop.

Stress-Free Kitchen Time for Parents

Our Learning Towers provide a practical solution for parents, allowing them to engage in stress-free, two-handed cooking without the constant need to hold or attend to their small children. This promotes a more enjoyable cooking experience while ensuring the safety, contentment, and active learning of their little ones.


Versatility for All Family Sizes

Our range caters to all family dynamics and kitchen sizes. Whether you have a solo little chef or a sibling/twin kitchen helper team, our single and double Learning Towers have you covered. Plus, with our Conversion Kit, you can effortlessly transform a single tower into a double, anticipating the needs of growing families. Little Big Learning has truly thought of everything for every family scenario.



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