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eco-Stocking Stuffers under $20

Ho-Ho-eco stocking stuffers are back again!

Nobody wants a plastic water pistol that breaks by Boxing Day, or a bouncy ball that is lost behind the couch and forgotten within minutes. Imagine if stocking fillers could be meaningful instead of landfill. Surprise, they can be! Have a think about what your little people actually need. There is nothing wrong with putting everyday essentials into a Christmas stocking, especially with babies and toddlers. They will be stoked to receive a toothbrush, a punnet of blueberries or some new special undies!

To add to those essentials, we've put together some ideas that tick all the 'feel good' boxes. They are earth-friendly, sustainable, support Aussie small business and insert all the other eco-buzz words you can think of 'cos we've done the research and got it covered. 

Starting from just $2 (and nothing over $20) there's something for every Little Big.

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