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Feel Good Stocking Filler Ideas For Kids

Posted on October 21 2018

Stocking Stuffers.

We all know the ones. Water pistols that break by the Boxing Day recovery party, or don't actually work in the first place. Bouncing balls that are lost behind the couch and forgotten within minutes or pool toys that pop before lunchtime. 

Well imagine if stocking fillers could be meaningful instead of landfill. Surprise, they can be! Have a think about what your little people actually need. There is nothing wrong with putting everyday essentials into a Christmas stocking, especially with babies and toddlers. They will be stoked to receive a toothbrush, a punnet of blueberries or some new special undies!

To add to those essentials, we've put together some ideas that tick all the 'feel good' boxes. They are earth-friendly, sustainable, support Aussie small business and insert all the other eco-buzz words you can think of 'cos we've done the research and got it covered. 

Starting from just $2 (and nothing over $20) there's something for every little big. Keep an eye out for some great discounts too!

(And if you're looking for the big stuff, check out our Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers too!)



stocking stuffer ideas playdough


100% Natural, Home-made Playdough

We've all had that parenting moment trying our hand at making play-dough and it's a fun (messy, but fun) thing to try once or twice. Well, we can guarantee that playdough from Earth Dough is so much more than fun! It is absolutely beautiful. Hand-made by Mama Mel, this feel-good playdough is perfumed with only the best blends of essential oils and coloured with only natural ingredients.

View the range at Earth Dough. Starting at only $6.95 and use 'LBLSTOCKING' at the check out for 15% off!

fairtrade stocking stuffer ideas worry doll 

Fair Trade Worry Doll 

Stocking fillers usually include some form of cheap teddy designed to stuff that particularly awkward part of the stocking around the ankle. But then they're thrown into the teddy basket our kids all have in their bedroom without any purpose. Well these fair trade Worry Dolls from Growing Kind are made ethically in Guatemala and serve purpose! Read about the legend of Worry Dolls on Growing Kind's website and let this stocking filler be more than an ankle support. Let it be a way to encourage talk of feelings and worries - you know how much we love working on emotional intelligence!

Check them out at Growing Kind for only $2 and add another 15% off  (all their products) with the 'LBLSTOCKING' discount code.

 eco friendly stocking stuffer ideas instruments


Bamboo Kenari Instrument 

We all want to get a musical instrument for our Little Bigs but who wants to sell a kidney for genuine guitar that will literally break when the sugar come down hits and the kids start acting like guitar-smashing rockstars? For a plastic-free, affordable alternative - insert bamboo hand instruments! Made for loud rhythms, this ethical choice is hand-made in Nepal and will fill your stocking and your home with the those rock star sounds. 

Get your music on for only $12 with Growing Kind and don't forget the 15% discount using 'LBLSTOCKING'.

stocking stuffer idea nins


Grapat Nins 

Apart from being incredibly in-fashion at the moment (hallelujah!), small-world and open ended play is encouraged by health professionals to promote all facets of learning in children. Inspired by Waldorf-principles, these Grapat Dolls are made in Spain using locally sourced, sustainable wood and water-based dyes. Don't overlook their simple design - it is this simplicity that will allow your Little Big to fall in love with their own imaginative world without distraction.

Check them out at Nestling and Nook from $19.95. Use 'LBLSTOCKING' for free shipping on all Australian orders.

 stocking filler ideas essential oils


Calming Mist & Essential Oil Blends

Sawyer Bear had at us at first web-sight (get it?) and thankfully, everything about their mist and oil blends is all natural and all-fabulous. Aussie Mama Nikita has created a range of blends to assist with everything your babe will encounter, including tummy upset and teething pain for the Littles and mosquito bites, rashes and an immunity booster for the Bigs. Here's the kicker though, you can even bundle your package to include the Mama Bear range - because sometimes the best thing we can give our kids is a little love to ourselves. 

Check them all out at Sawyer Bear and be sure to use 'LBLSTOCKING' for %15 off at checkout. Blends start at $18.95.


stocking filler ideas seeds 

Vegetable & Flowers Seeds

Never underestimate the power of plants! Fast growing seeds are a super cheap, super easy stocking filler and they give kids the best gift of all - experience. Fast sprouting veggies include beans, melons and pumpkins or if you think your Little Big is an anxious waiter, flowers like marigolds and sunflowers tend to sprout after less than a week. 

We recommend Googling your local nursery rather than larger companies to support small this Christmas. Have fun!

stocking filler ideas babychino cup


Babychino Keepcup! 

Because how many babychino cups are already in landfill? And because how much do Little Bigs love to have the same things as Big Bigs? Leading by example is one thing but including kids in ethical environmental decisions from the get go is even better! Keepcup! have an awesome range of colours and styles available including a design your own option but our favourite is obviously the earth tones of this natural cup. 

Find your fav at Keepcup! with babychino sizes starting at $14. 

 stocking filler ideas for babies massage bar


Baby Massage Bar 

Although young babes don't need anything on their skin, there is a bunch of evidence promoting the calming nature of massage and there's no reason why this can't start from birth. The power of touch is overwhelming but often something we lose as our kids grow. Including something like a bedtime massage is a great way to maintain this connection and also pass it on as a self-care, body-mindful habit when your Littles are a bit Bigger. 

Get massaging at Ethique with 100% natural bars made of organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil and light essential oils, starting at $20.

 stocking filler ideas for kids vegan jewellery


Earth Necklace 

Don't even start us on how much we LOVE this brand and range. (We're allowed to have stocking filler favourites, right?) Do yourself a favour go wild with the very generous discount code provided on the website, like, right now! Apart from ticking the vegan cruelty-free box they've won us over with the attention to detail and obvious love included in each hand-made item. The necklaces are unisex and absolutely stunning (yes, our Little Big is getting the rainbow necklace for Chrissy) but if jewellery isn't your thing, there are so many other goodies including wall hangings and art, Christmas decorations, crystal kits, string bags - agh! 

Check out the beautiful range at Squirrel House and use 'LBLSTOCKING' for a 30% off! Yeow!

 socially conscious stocking filler ideas monkey


Magic (Magnetic) Monkey 

Yes, this is our third doll option on the list but we couldn't resist these beauties or the company behind them. Happily Made is an Australian-run business started by social warrior goddess Veronica. To quote her website, Veronica saw that 'people don't need our aid or our charity, what they need is our business'. Veronica linked with a Cambodian company Cambodia Knits and Magic Monkeys are now made by, and provide a regular source of income for over 120 Cambodian women.

For more magic monkeys, check out Happily Made, where conscious Christmas consumerism starts at $12.95. 

We hope you've found some good ideas. We are giving away one of these wonderful stocking fillers with every purchase of our Premium Birch Learning Towers*. Happy holidays!

(*Valid for the first 50 pre-orders)

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  • Millie: October 29, 2018

    Incredible list and great discounts! Off I go to buy all the things… x

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