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2018's Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Toddlers

Posted on September 02 2018


It's that time of year when you're starting to think about (and maybe the grandparents are asking) what on earth to get your toddler for Christmas. It might be their first Christmas or maybe it's the first one they are going to remember, so you're wanting to make it special!

Christmas can be a time of such unnecessary consumerism and waste but by following principles like 'buy once, buy well', avoiding plastics, purchasing thoughtfully and recognising which gifts will last longer than a few months, you can do your bit to make this Christmas a little more sustainable. You're also doing your bit to support businesses who care about the earth that your babe is inheriting. 

We've wrapped our favourite ethical and sustainable gift ideas for toddlers right into one neat little package below. Something for every budget and every little earth conscious elf.

Merry Christmas. 

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toddler christmas gift idea mokulock


Step aside Lego, there's a new kid in town. Moculock wooden blocks are Japanese-made solid-wood building blocks. 

In the frosty Japanese Winter, hard-wood tree plantations cannot thrive if  growing close together without sunli, weaker trees are fallen in the Japanese winter using snow as a cushion. How romantic. These smaller trees are what become Moculock wooden blocks.

No surface finishing oil, chemical, paint or glue is used and the result is simple building bricks that can be used to create a limitless number of open ended creations. They come have Lego'ish and Duplo-ish size options and six 'colours' in each pack: Japanese Cherry, Birch, Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia, Maple, Japanese Zelkova and Hornbeam.

Buy Mokulock from Honeybee Toys - starting at $35 for a small set but we recommend the 60 piece set for $89.


toddler christmas gift idea learning tower


This Christmas present is just as much for the parents as it is for the kids. A Little Big Learning Tower (also known as a kitchen helper) is a safe and sound way to involve your toddler in the kitchen. Imagine cooking dinner without a mini-dictator demanding attention or emptying the pantry. It's amazing how much of a difference the perspective change can make, they really do just want to be involved. It also is the perfect high chair alternative and has been recommended for 'fussy eaters' as a more open space for meal-times. With the chalkboard safety backing in place (yep, it's a chalkboard too) it can be used from as young as 10 months. This is one piece of kids furniture that you'll be using every single day. 

It's available in different colours to suit all kitchen-styles and is height adjustable to grows along with babe. It's also ethically Australian-made out of eco-friendly materials. 

Buy this one from us, Little Big Learning starting at $199. You can check out the collection here.  



toddler christmas gift idea grow kit


Here's one for the little greenies and the ones who just love to be outside. A My Little Plot Growing Kit is the perfect way to get toddlers out in the sunshine and learning where food comes from. Growing their own food (and helping to prepare it in their Learning Tower!) is an excellent way to introduce ethical food production concepts - and also helps the more stubborn eaters to try new foods. 

The reusable 'plastic' tray is made from corn starch, therefore completely biodegradable. Each Little Plot growing kit contains everything you need to grow your very own Super Green Seeds mix- a blend of broccoli, red cabbage, tatsoi, arugula (rocket) and green daikon radish.

Inspire, empower and evoke a sense of learning and wonder in kids through creating, growing, nurturing and harvesting their own little plot of nature. 


You can buy your growing kit from Aussie-Mum small business Growing Kind for $30. 



toddler christmas gift idea pikler triangle


Your little one will lose their mind when they wake up and see a Little Big Pikler Triangle under the Christmas tree. Pikler Triangle wooden climbing frames are open-ended gross motor tools that are the perfect pressie if you have a little climbing monkey or even a monkey that needs a help to reach their climbing potential. Burning off physical energy inside the home doesn't have to involve jumping all over (and falling off) the couch. 

Little Big Pikler Triangles are made right here in Australia from the highest quality FSC certified sustainable materials and are designed to last generations. Suitable from 6 months, right through to 5-6 years, they've got an amazing lifetime value for money with endless creative opportunities. 

We've got two types available. The Hybrid Pikler Triangle starts at $320 and the Foldable version (which is easier to fit in Santa's sleigh) is $420. The perfect Christmas pressie to get the grandparents to chip in for. Tag them in this blog post for a cheeky hint! Take a look at the climbing frame collection here.


toddler christmas gift idea honey sticks


Honey Stick Crayons are the natural answer for toddler creative play and the perfect pressie or stocking filler. Traditional crayons more often than not contain paraffins and other toxic ingredients (take their 'non-toxic' labels with healthy dose of skepticism.) Aside from the chemicals and their manufacture, lots of the common crayon brands also contain tallow. Don't Google what that is. 

Honey Stick's are handmade in New Zealand from 100% pure New Zealand beeswax and contain no paraffin wax or cheap fillers. They're produced in an environmentally sustainable way with natural honey bee by-products and there's no plastic in any of the packaging. Double win for Mother Earth!

They are also available in different sizes with fine motor, developmental appropriateness in mind means even the littlest of hands won't miss out on the fun. Get them from Biome.









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